Tuesday, 24 November 2015

1 WEEK of RAW food - - - Day 1

The weather is gorgeous in this part of the world with summer JUST around the corner. Imad and I felt that we needed to do a bit of a cleanse and detox after such a busy year of running around, travel and winter splurges ;-)

Join us on our week long RAW adventure and see what gets served up each day. READY??!! Here we go!!!.....

BREAKFAST - Superfood smoothie

This smoothies was FULL of goodness: Raw almond milk, Green protein powder, frozen bananas, chia seeds, dates...

LUNCH - Bountiful salad... mmmm...

Look at that salad!! The pictures tells it all :) Plenty of mixed greens, fresh sliced capsicum and cherry tomatoes from the garden, half a slice avocado, kalamata olives and almond flakes.

Raw Banofee pie - ridiculously rich!

We were out at a birthday party for dinner and SECRETLY snacked on nuts, dried fruit, apple, carrot and cucumber. WE made it through DAY 1!! Hooray!!

Day 2 is looking awesomely scrumptious already... hold on to your chair..!!

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