Thursday, 26 November 2015

1 WEEK of RAW food - - - Day 3

Today was a fun, relaxed type of day...Gorgeous weather and sneaky treats with Tash ;-) DON'T TELL THE REST OF THE CREW!!!!

BREAKFAST - Raspberry and frozen banana smoothie with 

a raw, vegan vanilla protein powder

 Below is my awesome spiralizer which I have had for about 8 years now. I'm sure you can get even more variety these days but this one works a treat and hasn't failed me yet. I got mine from a large catering supplies store on the Central Coast, NSW.

I was pretty excited to make this creamy delish lunch for all. It was a HIT as you will see in the pictures below.... maybe I need to train my boys in table manners?? Nah....    ;-)

LUNCH - Raw Kelp noodles in a creamy cheezy sauce served 

on a bed of greens, cucumber and spiralized beetroot.

Marco LOVING the cheezy sauce and noodles... 

the bowl was OBVIOUSLY licked clean!!



Today we finished up with homeschooling... woohoo!!!! So we all got our first mango for the season as a treat. DELISH!!
The picture below is going to be a VERY controversial one. Whilst my sacrificing husband was out... oh oh.... Tashy went and bought us a coconut ice-cream treat.... oh it was good!!

DINNER - Essene bread with guacamole, sundried tomatoes,

 spiralized cucumber and kalamata olives.


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