Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Organic Vs Un-Organic

I have just come across a really good carry along 'Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce'. There have been plenty of times when certain organic produce has not been available at my local markets, so I have thought 'What is second best for us?'. This is a great print out, you can even download their app for your iphone or ipad.


God Bless!

Melissa Awde


  1. Great site and recipes! Thanks! It is a great help to have the list you provided on what to buy organic. For those who don't know, corn should really be on the "must buy organic list". All corn is now GMO (genetically modified) if it's not organic. It is bad info to be on the lowest in pesticides list. This can only be due to it being GMO and it's been created to be pest resistant. Thought others should know.

  2. So true - thankyou for reminding us all about corn as we are now entering that season here in Australia.

  3. I live in the same local area (Cbong), and was wondering where you source your organic produce from? Thanks in advace.

  4. Organic produce is at Newcastle Farmers Market. It is at Broadmeadow Showground on Sunday mornings from 8am-2pm. It is best to go early as the popular things sell out first. It is on almost every Sunday but it is best to check online as there is a few weekends in the year when it is not on.


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