Friday, 10 July 2015

Lebanese Spinach Triangles

My boys have been asking for the famous Lebanese Spinach Triangles that Teta makes. I got a whole heap of organic spinach so it was time to get the family squealing in anticipation!! This is a must try!!


1 kg wholemeal Spelt flour (Traditionally its done with plain white flour but you know me....)
1 tsp Celtic salt
1 tsp coconut sugar (or anything else you have)
250 ml olive oil 

  • Mix all the ingredients together for 15 minutes. If you have a bread maker or kneading machine put it into that for 15 minutes to knead. Slowly add in 500ml of lukewarm water and keep on mixing until well combined. Cover and let it rest until your spinach mixture is ready.

Spinach stuffing:
1kg of fresh spinach.. or more...
2 medium onions diced
2 Tbs pine nuts
4 Tbs Sumac (this is a middle eastern herb and MUST be put into these triangles)
Juice of 2 JUICY lemons
100ml Olive oil
  • Wash spinach well. Cut out the stalk and finely chop into 1cm wide strips. Sprinkle with salt and rub with your hands and then let it rest for 5 minutes or more.
  • Squeeze the spinach and drain off excess water.
  • Add the onions, pine nuts, sumac, lemon juice and oil to the spinach and mix well.
When you are ready to start making... 
  • Turn your oven on to 180 degrees Celsius
  • Roll out pastry 2mm thick and cut into 10-15cm rounds (use a knife to cut around a bowl of choice)
  • Place a spoonful of mixture into the middle of each circle (you will determine after trying to do a few how much to put in so its easy to close)
  • Bring up 3 edges to the middle and close shut with your fingers to form a triangular shape. You may need to use a little water.
  • Cook for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

"Give it all to Jesus!"

- Melissa Awde

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